Our Authentic platform for trade that physically makes currency invisible but creates an effective traffic to provide “ last mile delivery system”.

E-Commerce – Themcart

We have the experience and expertise to turn your commitment and desire to indulge in e e-commerce into a massive success. With our knowledge packed in house developers, we create magnificent user interface and provide online solutions for your e e-commerce requirements. In accordance with above statements we provide custom made solutions with our key features that are as follows

  • Product managementIncludes various aspects such as managing the size of a product, Prize by size, review and rating, bulk upload and download (XLS).
  • Front end presentation-This highlighting process brings the products that are most popular, frequently bought together, labelling the products, sorting with respect to prize, new arrivals, discount management using promotional codes and deals.
  • Order management– Governs the product from the moment an order is placed, followed by its status update, invoice management and to maintain sales reports.
  • Account setting and membership management-Provides update of recent news, events, status of Google analytics, managing FAQ and lot more
  • Trusted payment Gateway Integrated and secured payment gateway is provided as it is important to protect the sensitive information of credit and debit cards with a high increase in e-commerce convenience.
  • Customer Cell– In addition to above features, customer cell Governs the feedbacks and further customer requirements that can be added at free of cost or at an affordable cost.

Reasons to choose Themcart

  • Hassle free website and well defined navigation path along with a strong call to action approach gives a perfect online shopping experience to the customers where they change an image into a real time product with simple mouse clicks.
  • Completely responsive business solutions that makes end users to find it attractive to work on smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • Highly affordable shopping cart impress the buyers with our professional web design along with previous pristine achievements.
  • SEO friendly e-commerce websites supported by strategic campaigns reduces the burden of our clients as their product gets 360 degree view.
  • Simple yet sophisticated online shopping experience proffers our clients business strategy in this world of competitive market.