Social Media for developing a business

Here is an overview of how social media can help in the process of developing a business…
Back to 90’s Entrepreneurship and Business were like a foreign word to most of the Indians, But just compare that with the present scenario-You can start a company and sell your products in a click of a button. How fascinating and easy is this?

In a recent study, They say that 91% of exposure for a company or a start up is acquired through social media. Also 6 hours per week in advertising a company in media can increase the respondents considerably. All these shows how much technology and media had eased our work. 70% of marketers found that social media activities increased traffic to their website while 75% of businesses engaging in social media activities for a year or more reported an even bigger increase in traffic. The only thing we must concentrate to make our business better is to maintain our online site clean,accessible and attractive.

Also social media enables you to provide a better costumer experience. You can know their personal interest and serve them with a better offer.The top rated sites to advertise your business are: Facebook, LinkedIn ,Twitter. These sites help you cool your marketing task by various means.

Once your marketing is done you can also have a complete feedback from your customers by just making them go for a few clicks. Even there are websites which gives you a complete survey about your company periodically which help you to take your business to new horizons.

Today technology and media have become an inevitable part of everyone’s living. Though all these have some adverse effects at times, the growth phase it provides for a business is to the level that we cant sacrifice media and technology for those negatives.

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