Work Flow


Our plan is to create pre development data containing the requirements of website such as understanding the purpose of website, target audience
that focus on acquiring best strategy for project management.


Accuracy of concept building is accomplished by obtaining the sitemap as the planning
output and providing visualization of site
to judge it’s outlook with the aid of
mock up.

Design layout

Enhancement of website’s appearance is achieved by providing visual inputs to represent the information structure, content visualization and the basic functional demonstration to attain the satisfaction of the customer.


Creation of actual website with graphic elements designed during previous stages. Framework and CMS are implemented for smooth installation and setup along with SEO, to achieve higher ranking with our valid coding.


Effective, consistent and constant scrutinization is done to avoid brokenlines if any in a link. Spell checking software’s are utilized to find typos and with the aid of code validators we maintain up-to-date web


Ultimate stage of delivering the product is rendered with complete satisfaction to the beneficiaries using an FTP. We take utmost care and make sure that each and every file has been perfectly installed for a picture perfect platform.